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Lemon Zest T-shirts

Our Lemon Zest design on an orange t-shirt makes for one fresh summer combination. This t-shirt comes in a big range of colours to choose from and they are available in a choice of styles to suite men, women and kids. Find the right combination for you in time for your next summer bbq.

An original design from the Chubbypineapple Studios.

Lemon Zest T-shirt - Purple
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Green
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Cranberry
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Orange
Lemon Zest Long Sleeve T-shirt - Blue
Lemon Zest T-shirt - White
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Blue
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Asphalt
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Brown
Lemon Zest T-shirt - Navy
Lemon Zest Long Sleeve T-shirt - Black

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