Chubbypineapple Childrens Book Collection

Childrens Books

The Chubbypineapple Children's Book Collection

Our collection of children's books for the young (and young at heart) started with the story My Party Will Be Brilliant! about a party that just gets bigger and bigger and better and better.

With fun illustrations and a light bouncy rhyme it is a great addition to any childrens bedtime story routine.

Following high demand for our alphabet friezes we then went on to create two complementary alphabet books using the same illustrations from the frieze for a more hands on approach to learning the alphabet.

Our children's book collection also includes the fun festive Father Christmas Ate A Fairy which explains how Father Christmas got his magic to help him deliver all of those presents.

These titles are all printed with a wipe clean soft matte cover.

The Little Blue Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book

The Little Alphabet Book
My Party Will Be Brilliant

Children's Story

My Party Will Be Brilliant!
Kids Story: Father Christmas Ate A Fairy!

Children's Story

Father Christmas Ate A Fairy!