Learning the alphabet with The Little Pink/Blue Alphabet Books

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The Little Alphabet Books (Pink and Blue Editions)

The inspiration for our Little Alphabet Books came from our big Alphabet Friezes and our hope to make learning ABCs fun for preschool age children.

We have created two complementary alphabet books using the same simple, clear and bold illustrations from the frieze for a more hands on approach to becoming familiar with the alphabet.

The illustrations to accompany the letters of the alphabet include: Apple, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Dolly, Elephant, Fish, Grapes, House, Ice cream, Jelly, Kite, Lorry, Moon, Nest, Owl, Pear, Queen, Rocket, Sun, Tree, Umbrella, Volcano, Whale, X-ray, Yo-yo, Zebra.

These titles are printed with a wipe clean soft matte cover to make them more durable to little sticky hands!

The Little Pink Alphabet Book: L is for Lorry
The Little Blue Alphabet Book: R is for Rocket
The Little Pink Alphabet Book: S is for Sun

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