Alphabet Frieze

Chubbypineapple Alphabet Frieze

The Chubbypineapple Alphabet Frieze

After creating a prototype and getting a fantastic reaction from children to the colours and pictures we created the 3 metre long (one-piece) alphabet frieze that you see here. It makes a great feature for a nursery or playroom and will help young children become familiar with the alphabet.

We have created clear, simple and engaging illustrations featuring objects and living things that are familiar to children. The illustrations include: Apple, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Dolly, Elephant, Fish, Grapes, House, Ice cream, Jelly, Kite, Lorry, Moon, Nest, Owl, Pear, Queen, Rocket, Sun, Tree, Umbrella, Volcano, Whale, X-ray, Yo-yo, Zebra.

They are now available in Pink and Blue editions directly from us.

The same illustrations can also be found in our Little Pink Alphabet Book and Little Blue Alphabet Book.

Blue Edition

Alphabet Frieze:Blue
Alphabet Frieze:Blue - R is for Rocket
Alphabet Frieze:Blue - A is for Apple
Alphabet Frieze:Blue - B is for Butterfly

Our blue edition alphabet frieze has fun illustrations to match each letter of the alphabet on a blue background. The illustrations are designed to be simple and engaging so it not only looks great but complements an educational nursery theme.

Pink Edition

Alphabet Frieze:Pink
Alphabet Frieze: Nursery
Alphabet Frieze:Pink - A is for Apple
Alphabet Frieze:Pink - B is for Butterfly

The fresh pink edition alphabet frieze is 3 metres long. With fun illustrations designed with children 1-4 years old in mind, it will help them become familiar with the alphabet and maybe have them repeating 'A is for apple' before you know it.

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