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From our concept through to execution we aim to bring you our own exceptional products which are fresh, bright, fun and of a quality that will make you proud to own one. We are constantly challenging our creatitivity to bring you something you will not find anywhere else.

Most of our products are available through third-parties and occasionally directly from us. Direct payments can be made through our payment gateway (Paypal - no paypal account needed) so you can pay easily by Credit or Debit Card.

We love exploring new creative processes and only produce the products we love and want to own ourselves. Our alphabet frieze designs were inspired by friends and family and because we could not find exactly what we wanted anywhere we searched - So, we thought we would make one and share it with the world. This lead to our complementing alphabet books which use the same illustrations for a more hands-on introduction to the alphabet. Our passion for books was lit and our first children's book was born.

Our notebooks are a passion and introduce something vibrant into our lives whether we are in the office of just jotting down another list of things so we can get organised. Watch this space for more notbooks coming online soon.

If you need help or would just like to get in touch please use our contact form to send us your message.

The Chubbypineapple Notebook Collection: Wilderness

Notebook Collection

Lined pages
The Chubbypineapple Alphabet Frieze

Alphabet Frieze

ABC learning

Featured Stationery

Notebook: Pineapple (dark edition) - 96 Ruled Pages A5/Junior Legal Pad


Ruled Notebook
Notebook: Avocado (White Edition) - 96 Ruled Pages A5/Junior Legal Pad


A5 Notebook
Notebook: Lemon Zest - 96 Ruled Pages A5/Junior Legal Pad

Lemon Zest

Junior Legal Pad
Notebook: Pineapple (white edition) - 96 Ruled Pages A5/Junior Legal Pad


Ruled Notebook
Sweet Cherry Lined Notebook

Sweet Cherry